Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WANTED: Art Gallery Templates/Plug-ins

Last night in Keith's MP1 class I mentioned a free flash image gallery that you can add to your site- I just checked -but I noticed they charge now....

...I'm starting a post for those types of resources. So anyone can reply with their finds and comments if you have used one and/or are using one already.



  1. Iconpendium Site- "website solutions for artist"

    They charge now, starting at $200 a month including hosting. So that's $16.66 a month, not bad. Since they are hosting they might not that be flexible in adding other types of plug-ins like wordpress, etc. My friend Suzanne Song uses it, seems to work for her

  2. Slide Show Pro- "The Complete photo and video slideshow publishing solution"

    This is a flash module that you can customize and add to your site, $25 one time license fee. No tech support but a forum for help. We've used it before for one of our clients.

  3. Flash Gallery - "Free flash gallery"

    I just Googled free flash gallery and this one is the first one that came up. It's free and looks like Slide Show Pro. I've never used it.

  4. I just found this other website template provider called Other People's Pixels.. It was linked off of a Brookyln College MFA alumni's page Devin Powers

    $16 per month give you the basic. Much like Icompendium listed above

  5. I just found this Simple Viewer, it says it's FREE!?!? (I found it while browsing student work in the City College MFA website...)

  6. Just found this freeware from Europe...
    Indexhibit™... it's free, suggested donation of 15 Euros... The can customize for you too, for additional cost..

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